PNPAC Spirit Award

The Spirit Award was established by the Past National Presidents Advisory Council (PNPAC) in 2000.

The objective of this very prestigious award is to recognize the accomplishments of individual(s) whose accomplishments are important to the existence of NAPMW. An individual who:

Is satisfied to work behind the scenes to make a difference in NAPMW.

Has gone above and beyond what is required/requested.

Has never served as a National President.


Individual must have been a member for a reasonably long period of time.

An individual who by his/her example inspires you and others.

An individual who has served on various committees and/or served in elected office but has never held the office of National President.

Please submit your nominee qualification in narrative form. The narrative should be as concise as possible and clearly explain your reasons for the nomination.

You are urged to keep your Nominee confidential. It is also encouraged that the Nominee be in attendance at the National Conference.


Deadline: 3/16/2023 | 8:00 PM ET 


c/o Cris Poole

1903 NE 85th Street #305
Seattle, WA  98115

Phone: (206) 499-7735


National Association of Professional Mortgage Women 

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