area 1 associations

National Vice President:

Patti Esswein

NAPMW Greater St. Louis

Genworth Mortgage | Regional Underwriting Mgr


NAPMW - Atlanta

NAPMW - Charlotte

NAPMW - Greater New Orleans

NAPMW - Houston

NAPMW - Hudson Valley

NAPMW- Phoenix

NAPMW - San Antonio

NAPMW - San Joaquin


Area 2 Associations

National Vice President:

Mark Jennings

NAPMW San Joaquin-Valley

Central Valley Insurance Agency


NAPMW - Anchorage

NAPMW - Bakersfield

NAPMW - Greater St. Louis

NAPMW - Oklahoma City

NAPMW - Seattle Puget Sound

NAPMW - Spokane

NAPMW - The Columbia River

NAPMW - Wenatchee Valley


National Association of Professional Mortgage Women

c/o Impact Services

5329 Fayette Ave
Madison, WI 53713

Phone: (608) 886-9817


National Association of Professional Mortgage Women 

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